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Rehabilitation of the touch
-Work in progress-


What happens if I let you be close to me? Can I be close to you?
Come and be close to me, closer and closer and closer. So close that we can fall into a hug.

So close that we can finally brake our boundaries.

Rehabilitation of the touch works around the idea of how we, in our modern culture are more disconnected from the concept of physical touch. We are unsure of where we can touch, if it is appropriate, when we may need to touch. To touch as a type of tactile non-vocabulary communication, in healing and calming purposes, acceptance, love and safety. In this sense, a less-permissive society deprives us of a indirect and long-term survival where isolation and depression is gaining more and more ground.


We need to bring back some kind of self- knowledge of what we actually think is right or okay instead of just relying on the social norms and what is socially acceptable. To allow us to rehabilitate our moral compasses and intuition.

Cred list:

Idé och koreografi. Tsz-Hin Tang.  

Dansare: La Random Company. 

Tekniker: Nayla Espinosa.

Musik: Work in progress.


Målgrupp: Från 13 år

Max publikantal: 40 personer

Längd: 40 min

Antal medverkande/turnerande: 2

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